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Man is what he eats, so it's important to give your body only the best,
which certainly includes beef meat.


Simmental is one of the most widespread and oldest breeds, originating from the Bernese Highlands. It is "homemade", spotted, mottled, which gives the most milk and lean meat.

Black & Red Angus

Black & Red Angus is known for its marbling. The fat is evenly distributed, so the meat is soft and juicy. It mostly comes from Argentina or North America, where it is subject to strict legislation and quality control. Only 2% of the best deserve the label, which ensures the highest quality meat. A combination of two years of outdoor grazing and feeding with strong foods, cereals and corn for the last 150 days.

Argentina Shorthorn

Argentina Shorthorn originates from the northeast of England. Breeding in Argentina began in 1826. Today it is famous for its healthy and tasty meat due to its free-range farming on green spaces, pampas.


The Holando-Argentino breed originates from the Netherlands. It appeared in Argentina around 1880. Today it is very popular among the most demanding breeders. "Ojo de Agua Breeders Group" is a synonym for 100% natural breeding, without the use of growth hormones.

Wagyu Wa

Wagyu Wa - Japan, gyu - cow. Japanese cows have a genetic predisposition for the excellence of marbled meat, which the precise Japanese know how to use to perfection. Especially those massaged and beer-fed cows (from the Kobe region) reach very favourable prices.


Hereford originates from Herefordshire in the UK, where The World Hereford Council is based, which takes care of the quality of this popular breed, bred almost all over the world. It feeds mainly on grass, so it tastes softer than breeds grown in the United States, which are also fed with strong foods.


Limousine is a breed that originated in France. Due to its durability, it is suitable for year-round outdoor grazing, which gives the meat rich in juice and minerals. They are characterized by reddish colour, dark horns and great muscularity.

Various cuts

Prvi rezi
The first cuts

The most famous and popular are the first cuts.

Filet mignon (baked as a stand-alone steak) or tenderloin (whole filet, baked in a piece)



Porterhouse with a larger part of the filet than T- Bone – Short Loin

Rump steak – Striploin

Bone in
Bone in

The meat has a special, fuller taste when ripened with bone.


Tomahawk ribeye

Rib eye bone in

Drugi rezi
Other cuts

Every piece of meat is precious.

Flank steak the driest part of Flank, medium baked, retains its juiciness

Flat iron front thigh, distinctly marbled, juicy when medium rare

Hanging tender between lumbar muscle

The "mayor's slice", firm and intense taste

Skirt steak front of the abdominal muscle, distinctly aromatic

Cooking levels

It's all about the dream temperature of 54°C in the core, for a few consumers a little more or a little less!


Dark red

Crispy roasted and caramelized meat on the outside, cold and raw on the inside

Medium rare
Medium rare

Bright red

Crispy roasted and caramelized on the outside, pink flesh, raw in the middle, juices bright red.



Crispy roasted and caramelized meat on the outside, slowly roasted to the optimum temperature of 54°C in the pink core.

Medium well
Medium well


Outside strongly caramelized meat, well roasted, only the core a little pink.

Weekly Offer

Seasonal, tempting and fast

When the pace of life is steadily pointing to the clock, it is important not to forget about harmony. It can be achieved with a balanced diet that will restore the body's lost energy, vitamins and balance.

From Monday to Friday between 11 am and 4 pm, we take care of maintaining your balance with lunch, dinner or a tempting snack with our selected meals.

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